Saturday, December 26, 2009

Studio visit with Janos Stone

This is the second installation of the artist interview series.
(Click here for the previous interview with Ms. Hanna Cole.)

I went to Mr. Janos Stone's studio at Greenpoint
part of the Brooklyn. The location reminded me of a small town in Midwest instead of Brooklyn.

Mr. Stone is a new media sculptor. He deploys new technologies in his creations. For instance, some of works I saw at his studio were created with 3-D scanning, and laser cutting.

Here are images of his studio and Mr. Stone.

Here are video interviews.


His process:

About his work:

Here are images of his works.

Mr Stone's web site :

Mr. Stone will be having a solo installation at NoGlobe at 488 Morgan ave, Brooklyn on January 7th and solo show at Slag Gallery (531 W 25th St. #10) in Chelsea in March.

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