Monday, August 17, 2009

Interview with Ms. Hannah Cole

I visited Ms. Hannah Cole's Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and interviewed her about her art.
Her studio building hosts about 50 studios.

(Ms. Hannah Cole at her desk that she built)

Ms.Hannah Cole is a painter, originally from Boston, had lived in Italy. She just had her solo show at Greene Contemporary Gallery which is located in LES. I was intrigued by a few works I saw there and I would like to hear where her ideas are coming from.

A funny coincidence was that I was looking at Ucross residency website, and found her photo on their site. Ms. Cole was there in this spring session.

Here is the video clip.

I was very attracted with this painting at her solo show. It was quite a large piece.

Tunnel Vision, oil on multiple shaped birch panels, 37" x 92", 2008

The shape of canvas is a car window shield from certain angle. When you stand front of this piece, you will feel like you are driving in a tunnel. And you look back the rear view mirror. But instead seeing cars behind you, you will see this...

close up of "Tunnel Vision"

Here is the original Painting by Thomas Cole, (Not related to Ms. Cole) ,19th century American painter who is consider to be the founder of Hudson River school.

Romantic landscape with Ruined Tower (1832-36)

As I was leaving her studio, I noticed an attractive large round canvas on a shelf over her desk. Ms. Cole kindly unwrapped and showed me this gem. It was made with embroidering and quilting.

American Memory, sewn cloth assemblage, 24" x 30"

Bonus Footage: Ms.Hannah Cole talking about the piece on her behind

Ms. Hannah Cole's website:
Her gallery website:

Her recommanded website and blog.

This was the very first interview on this blog. I would like to keep visiting more artists.
Please send me comments.

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