Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Wish Mandala is ready to have the Wish Egg.

The Wish Mandala is finally ready to have the Wish Egg! When I declare that Mandala is finished, immediately rain fall down hard even though Sunlight was still on. I took it as a good omen.
Watch "The Wish Mandal is ready for the wish egg!" on YouTube

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Securing the Wish Mandala

My Mandala may look like it was made by simply placing found objects, but in actuality, there are several tricks that I used to secure my piece against weather. I am not doing anything to prevent decaying of natural materials, since that is part of my piece: Insects and fungus slowly degrade the materials. However, I make sure that each units stays at same position for a few months.

One of my methods I use is to peg. I sharpened one side of twigs and bigger branches, and use them as pegs.

For instance, to set up the pole, I used these homemade tools and dug a little bit more than 1 foot deep, almost exact same diameter to the pole. Then I pegged around the pole. Each pegs presses each other and secure the pole to the ground.

In circle part, I used the combination of pegging and also tension setting. Each wood is tightly placed to each other. The tension locks all.

I make pieces while thinking about storms and people accidentally bumping it. So, if someone tries to kick my piece to destroy it, (Why would they want to do such a thing by the way. They will have negative Karma.) they'd better have steel toe shoes. They are securely grounded and it is not easy to move.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Mandala: the return of the mono-eye

I made another Mandala for my upcoming group show at Tenri gallery, 13 st., btw 5th and 6th ave. (6th av. side.) 5" x 7", color pencil on paper. It will be sold for benefit for Japan. The show stars on 13th. I think I will call this " the return of the mono-eye." Mono-eye is the animal-plant hybrid that appeared to my old surreal period of my works. It came back!!!

North elements: Red

North, Red.....This totally works! I will arrange them in order once they are dried a bit. (Rain all day yesterday.)

Group show at Tenri gallery

I finished this piece today, color pencil drawing, 5" x 7", for the charity  for Japan part of my up coming show at Tenri gallery, 13th st, btw 5th ave and 6 ave, next to one of the the New school building. The piece will be sold for $50 (This show only price. ) The show start 13th of September. The reception is on 16th from 6 pm. Come and see!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Commitment of an environmental artist.

As I consider myself as an environmental artist. Tobe true to the claim, I try not use power tools and mechanized vehicles, as much as I can and I try to use only natural materials for my piece. My piece is about the harmony and interconnection of the world. I try to make sure my piece has low impact to the installed site. Quite often, nature cohabits with my piece and creatures take refuge under my piece.

Yes, I sometimes have to break self imposed rules. Tree trunks were cut by a chainsaw, and I used monofilaments for the support of the vertical cotton cords for this Wish Mandala.

But rest of woods are all hand cuts, hand carried or a bike carried.

Watch the Murray Monterey in action.