Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interview with a Robot

Interview with a Robot:


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Exclusive Interview with Robo 1:

Robo 1, the first robot of the Robo series, telling you his story.

Do you have a name besides Robo 1?
"My serial number is RX-01, and I was the first one to be created at the lab, so many at the lab refer me as Robo1, but I like to go with Rex after Tyrannosaurs Rex, because I am actually designed to be 300 times physically stronger than human."

Ok, Rex, what did you have for breakfast?
"Coal and Water. No, haha, I am just kidding. I am 100% electronically powered, not a steam engine. I have been reading about steampunk a lot lately, so its on my mind. I go to the re-charging chamber every night, but I can go 60 days without recharging. Also, my body generates electricity from light and my kinetic movements. "

So, do you ever need unwind?
"C'mon, you need to drop the old stereotype about robots. We are not all workaholics, though we are very efficient. I am a fun loving being, you know what I am saying? I like to dance."

Where do you dance?
“Everywhere! Hallways of the space station, inside of the landing vehicle. Even in my recharging chamber, even though I can only move my shoulders in there."

Rex, thank you for the interview. Last question, what is your motto?
"Enjoy life to the fullest."