Sunday, September 18, 2011

On going group show

"Meditation in the Rain" acrylic on canvas, 32" x 32" (15" x 15" each)

I have a ongoing group show at Tenri gallery, 43A West 13th St, NYC. (Bet 5th and 6th ave. Near 6 ave.) Please stop by!

Mon-Thu: 12-7 Sat: 10-3 Fri/Sun: Closed

"Mono-eye Mandala", "Lotus Mandala", "The return the Mono-eye" color pencil on paper, 4.5" x 6.5"
"Mono-eye Mandala" found a home at the reception night. Thank you for all who came!

The Wish Mandala with the Wish Flags (The Final stage)

Visit Annmarie Sculpture Garden, Dowell, MD to see my latest installation, The Wish Mandala with the Wish Flags.
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